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Communication Skill Coaching
Flexibilty to Suit Your Needs

Introductory Mini-Workshops

Introduce your organization or team to the basics of effective presenting through a lively mini-workshop. Laugh and learn through this 1-1 ½ hour session of discussion and exercises, popularly scheduled at the beginning of the day or lunchtime but possible at any time that suits your schedule. Best limited to groups of 20-30. Take-home materials included.

Full Workshops

Workshops—a ½ day or full day in length—work best with groups of 8-12. At least three sessions, each a few days
apart, are recommended, but any time is well spent. Through lively discussions, demonstrations, fun exercises and ample opportunity to practice, you'll gain insight and skill with:

Workshops include:

Detailed plans for each workshop are developed in early consultation with each client.

Coaching for You or Your Team

Teams or individuals often want help with planning or practicing a particular presentation—architects, engineers and general contractors, for example, competing for multi-year, multi-million dollar projects recognize that they may gain a competitive edge if the allow themselves a chance to review, polish and practice their presentation with an experienced coach. This coaching involves help with both organizing and delivering a clear, coherent and effective message. Time permitting, it can also include invaluable videotaping and feedback.

Expert Help on Other Presentation Projects

My colleagues and I can also help you or your team with writing, producing or delivering a variety of marketing, sales and technical presentations:

Paul has been incredibly helpful, really easy to work with, and has made a real difference in both the content of my presentation and the way that I present the material. Definitely a good investment!—Damon Poole, Chief Technology Officer, AccuRev Corporation

As construction managers, most of our team don't think of themselves as "public speakers," but your ability to offer constructive criticism with insight and humor has been especially important in building their awareness, performance, and confidence.—Donna Prince, Director of Marketing, Erland Construction Co.

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