As a character actor, narrator or host I have helped hundreds of organizations–large and small, corporate and non-profit–give life to their projects through:

✓ voice-overs for documentaries

✓ voice-overs or on-camera performances on commercials

✓ instructional or promotional videos for websites or social media

✓ Independent films, movies, TV or Internet programs

✓ live trade show presentations

Here are a few examples of my on-camera work.

Fiorente HealthDesk
“News in Brief”

Short Clips

Fiorente HealthDesk
“Ask the Experts”

Quick Voice-Over Samples

Sample Video Narrations

Perkins Elmer

Great Famine




Dental Implants

Frank Benson

Slave Rescue




Inventing the Future

Some Clients & Testimonials

Not only did Paul’s voice-over deliver exactly what we wanted on our last project, his suggestions made the script and delivery stronger. Paul has done work for InterSystems for many years. He’s easy to work with and the results are always top-notch. We’ll be calling on Paul in the future, and I can recommend him to others without reservation.

Joel Richman

Senior Writer, InterSystems, Inc., Cambridge, MA

Paul has been a marvelous actor and thoughtful critiquer in a series of law school classes and professional training programs I have conducted. The programs are aimed at helping lawyers gain insight into how they are perceived by clients and others in their work. Paul’s unique gifts as a teacher, actor, coach, and mentor have been invaluable to these programs. He not only provides a critical realism in his role-play; he models excellence in the process of providing meaningful feedback to the lawyers or law students. He is a seasoned professional who is a thorough delight to work with.

Alan D. Minuskin

Associate Clinical Professor of Law
Boston College Law School

Paul’s a consummate professional…he not only brings that nice “warm but authoritative” voice to commercial or non-broadcast copy but also a fine ear for the nuances of language, grammar and syntax, often helping clients with on-the-spot rewrites.

Steve Olenick

President, AudioLink, Inc. Watertown, MA

If you need a real doctor or scientist, by all means see one, but if you’re looking for an actor who can “play one on TV,” you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more convincing than Paul.  He has that look, that manner, that voice and, in narrating complex medical material, he has few equals.

Jack Clancy

Principal, Burclan Productions