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"The human brain is amazing. It starts working the moment you are born and stops as soon as you get up to speak in public."
—Roscoe Drummond

Whether it's a keynote or welcoming address, a project update at a staff meeting, a proposal to the finance committee, a team interview for a large design or construction project, a sales demonstration, a museum tour… you name it, the person who can "connect" with the audience has it a lot easier. We all appreciate and often admire the person who is comfortable and effective speaking to a group.

So now it's your turn. Watch your skill and confidence with presentations (live, recorded, or online) grow through one of my workshops or individual coaching. (Literally watch, because I'll be taping you!) You'll learn to:

We hired Paul when we realized that we needed a fresh approach to our interview planning. He encouraged us to think through stories and images that really address interviewers' concerns, resulting in livelier, more engaging and successful interviews.—Alan Kuniholm, PDT Architects

Since our first meeting with Paul…we have completely remodeled our school interviews from scratch. They are much more lively, informative, relevant, and competitive. That's a huge achievement in six months. I'd like to keep training more staff members so we don’t lose the momentum.—Susan Ransom, Marketing Director, PDT Architects

Paul…your workshop was great—fun, engaging and instructive. We'll look into doing a longer session next time, as several people suggested—and arrange for some individual coaching.—Kate Ferenczy, Marketing Specialist, DiCicco, Gulman & Company LLP

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